Anne Crocker, Ph.D.
Department of psychiatry - McGill University
Douglas Mental Health University Institute

RESEARCH : Principal Investigator

  1. National trajectory project: Individuals declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (pdf)

  2. Study of the implementation of Montreal’s mental health court (pilot project) (pdf)

  3. Individuals declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder: Dispositions, resources and service trajectories (pdf)

  4. Intellectual disability in forensic mental health: from identification to services integration (pdf)

  5. Implementing and using a systematic risk assessment scheme to increase patients’ safety on a risk management unit for individuals with severe mental illness (pdf) - Report (pdf)

  6. Severe mental illness and crime: An analysis of dispositions for individuals declared not criminally responsible on account of mental disorder (pdf)

  7. Factors associated with violence among persons with an intellectual disability living in the community (pdf)

RESEARCH : Co-Investigator


Lesage, A., Delorme, A., Dewa, C., Crocker, A. G, Fleury, M. J., Bland, R., Vassiliadis, H.-M., Jacobs., P., Martens, P., Smith., M., Davidson, B., Hay, H., Pryce,
C., & Ross, K.

Context of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) homeless initiatives in six cities: history of services, array of services, coordination/integration and costs of the 'de facto' severely mentally ill services system.


Latimer, E., McAll, C., Fleury, M.-J., Crocker, A. G., Bonin, J.-P., Lesage, A., Dorvil, H., Vallée., C., Vasiliadis, H., Dupuis, G., Gagné, G., Morin, P., Nielsen, C., Roy, S., Becker, D., Drake, R. & Bond, G.

At Home: Five-site homelessness study


Lafortune, D., Côté, G., Crocker, A. G., Brochu, S., Cousineau, M.-M., Blais, E., Cournoyer, L.-G., Dubreucq, J.-L., Desmarais, J. & Cusson, J.-F.

Review of knowledge on the optimal use of psychotropic mendication in correctional facilities.


Mercier, Crocker, & Côté

The criminal justice’s response to intellectual disabilities and social norms


Morin, Crocker & Caron

Public perceptions of intellectual disabilities


Mercier, Crocker, Côté, Morin, Moxness, Aunos & Bellavance

Intellectual disability, pervasive developmental disorders and intersectoral linkages.


Côté, Crocker, Daigle, Toupin, Gobbi, & Turecki

Epidemiology of mental disorders, personality disorders and intellectual disability in the correctional system.  


Caron, Tousignant, Pedersen, Cargo, Fleury, Perreault, Brunet, Crocker, Tremblay, Daniel,
Kestens, Beaulieu & Turecki

Development of an epidemiologic catchment area program for the study of mental health in South-West Montreal

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